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Scholarship Opportunities



IN 2019, 196 SENIORS


RANGING FROM $200 TO $592,275.

Did you Know?

Scholarships are sometimes referred to as "free" money because they do not need to be paid back.  Like the definition states, they are based on "academic or other achievement." But don't let the word "free" fool you -  earning a scholarship takes work:  it could be the culmination of years of high grades in school, the hours of service you have provided to your community, or as simple as writing an essay about why you deserve the money.   Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes and it's up to you to seek out the ones you may qualify for AND to apply.
     Scholarships come from many places:

  •      universities and colleges

  •      businesses

  •      leadership organizations

  •      employers

  •      the school district

  •      individuals 

  •      and many more!!


There is no "one right way" to find scholarships for college, but you do need to put some effort and time into your search. It is true that many scholarships value high academics in school, but not all require a high GPA.   You can apply for as many scholarships as you want, and don't forget about the little ones - they add up!  To get started, review the scholarship packet below. Check back regularly as we update this page often - GOOD LUCK!

Helpful Websites & Apps - good resource on all things financial as they relate to college - scholarship search, matching tools, and reminders sent to you


DREAMer's Roadmap - helps undocumented students find scholarships - expert advice on planning and paying for college - scholarships, college search, career help and more - the "SmartStudent" guide to financial aid - widely-used, trusted, and FREE (as it should be)

Scholly - let this App help "fetch" you some money - a large scholarship database with speedy matching tools - database of local volunteer opportunities.